What is business coaching?

Business Coaching is common sense. All the professionals that stand out, made it to the top, and stay there, harvesting sustainable success. They have business coaches. Clarity is power. To gain clarity you need to challenge your perspective, look at all different angles to come up with the best solutions and strategies.

And that’s what a business coach does:


Enabling the coachee to gain absolute CLARITY


What does success look like? For the coachee’s business and life as a whole. And WHY that’s important.


Goals that ensure the coachee’s vision becomes reality


The HOW to get there. The daily method of operation.


Values are the foundation. What’s driving the coachee and his / her business?


Roles and responsibilities of the coachee and his / her core team in your business.


Observable behavior & communication rules.


What happens when nothing happens? A feedback culture that keeps the rule keeping intact to ensure long term sustainable business success.

The consequences and benefits of business coaching are:

  1. Establishing a successful business
  2. Improved mindset, heartset and skillset
  3. Successful self- and time-management
  4. Higher satisfaction in your career
  5. Reaching your next level of performance
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What is executive coaching?

Executives need to reach their business goals, to be promoted, or to keep their position and status. That’s what executive coaches support them in. Typical there are 3 focus areas:

  1. Install a winner’s mindset.
  2. Create a dynamic environment
  3. Master your time management

Executive coaching is naturally also focusing on work-life balance, which is a safety net to prevent burnout and reduce fluctuation, as the executives realise during the coaching process that ‘the grass is not greener on the other side’.

Why executive coaching is important?

All too often executives are ‘snowed under’ by their workload that they are lacking training. This shortfall is also compensated by executive coaching. We don’t know what we don’t know. Executives that don’t know any better cannot make better choices. Are your executives facing massive workloads? Then be sensible and organise executive coaching to ensure they make better leadership decisions on topics like

What are the benefits of executive coaching?

Executive Coaching is a proven method to stabilise and enhance the high performance of your most relevant executives.
Important areas that hinder peak performance come into focus between the executive coach and the coachee, such as

What are the executive coaching objectives?

In a nutshell the objectives are two-fold:

  1. More awareness
  2. More responsibility

More awareness means the executive gets a clearer understanding of the current reality, ambitious goals, problems and their root causes, options to move forward.

More responsibility means based on the raised awareness they can make better decisions about what to do or not, taking more responsibility for their actions and results.

What do executive coaches do?

Executive coaches bring out the very best in key leaders of the enterprise.

Executive coaching can be delivered by internal coaches (employees of the firm) or by external service providers, coaches who have a vital “outside in view”. They can be contracted for crucial time windows of the executive development path.

What is an executive performance coach?

The specific focus on executive performance means that the executive coaching is related to the performance management system of the firm. Regular goal setting, performance appraisals, measurement based on well chosen KPIs (key performance indicators) are crucial components when working with an executive performance coach.

What an executive coach can do for you?

It is very lonely at the top. Executives often feel they cannot be totally open and transparent to their manager, their colleagues or their team. That’s why executive coaching is crucial: it provides personal support and a safe environment to reflect honestly on their fears, mistakes made, lessons learned and the best ways to reach the next level of success.

Executive Coaching leads to better results in business due to

What is executive coaching and leadership development?

Executive coaching can be seen as the ultimate Executive coaching leadership development. Done well, executive coaching is aligned with organisational goals, and orchestrated within the company to install a common way of thinking, a common language amongst the leaders of a firm.

What is executive performance coaching?

Executive Coaching can be easily embedded in daily routines, as it’s a flexible one-to-one support. Companies realise more and more that executive coaching is a targeted effective way to develop its leaders. Especially when promotions and change of leadership is needed.

What is executive coaching and mentoring?

When mentoring comes into play in executive coaching, it’s based on the experience of the mentor and blending that into the mix of the coaching session. Mentoring is best provided by questions, also suggestive questions, instead of just telling the executive what to do. A good mentor knows full well that the current circumstances of the coachee / mentee will differ from the scenario that the mentor experienced years back. So what worked then might not work now. Which proves again that “telling” is counterproductive to coaching and mentoring.

In which formats is executive coaching being delivered?

Executive presence coaching

Being present in the moment is a skill a lot of executives lack. Either caught in the mistakes of the past or the fears of the future they are not able to stay in the here and now: Taking in all relevant information, thoughts, feelings, body signals of themselves and others to make wiser decisions and choose better responses. That makes a leader shine. And it can be developed in a leader: the skill to be – and stay – in the present moment.

Executive coaching packages

a series of one-to-one sessions supported by assessment tools to analyse the executives’

  1. typical way of thinking
  2. emotional intelligence patterns
  3. behaviour style
  4. personality types
Executive coaching videos

Experience has shown that thinking patterns and -limitations are more or less the same all over the world – no matter which country, culture, language, identity etc.. For that reason Roger Lannoy has made executive coaching videos available tailored to the specific needs for the owner-operated enterprise in which the executive and owner him- herself wants to take things to the next level.

Does Roger Lannoy have executive coaching testimonials?

Yes, he does: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVuGA9LX5Kgre-_yDOxQttg

How does coaching improve performance and what are the types of performance coaching?

Coaching and performance are strongly linked like ‘cause and effect’: The cause, which is coaching, has the effect that the performance goes up. That’s why Coaching is so powerful. It’s clearly measurable, providing that clear Key Performance Indicators are established between the Coach and Coachee. Because the impact of coaching on performance is impressive, you can find more and more varieties like long distance performance coaching or coaching for improved performance seminar/training. Naturally the performance coaching process is slightly or substantially different for each kind.

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These are the major types:

What is performance coaching?

Coaching and feedback for performance is a definite way to improve the mindset so that self-sabotaging patterns like procrastination or fear of success are ruled out and at the same time critical success factors like self-confidence, commitment are increased.

What is coaching to improve poor performance?

Coaching poor performance is necessary when employees fall behind even average performance. Often this is related to difficult personal circumstances, also poor leadership can be the cause, or constraints like mobbing. In other words: something substantial is going wrong and needs to be addressed.

What is high performance coaching?

To explore the question what is a high performance coach it is important to understand that it achieves two things: more awareness and more responsibility. More awareness of strengths, weaknesses, and options on how to deal with them. More responsibility to make conscious choices to do something about it. The result is performance improvement. A high performance coaching model is universal – a real game changer in the business arena, sports arena, music arena.

How to deploy leadership coaching for high performance

“Lead by example” is one key to inspire a team to perform at a high level. For that to happen, focusing on the leader is the obvious choice. Also bear this in mind: statistics tell us that 65% of staff fluctuation is rooted in clashes with the manager. So leadership coaching improves individual and team performance whilst reducing staff turnover.

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What is breakthrough performance coaching?

We can not solve our problems on the level we created them. When hitting a glass ceiling, being stuck in a performance “box”, calls for breakthrough performance coaching. Here we focus specifically on obstacles that need to be removed to break through to the next level of success. Or results that are restricted by limiting beliefs. A paradigm shift based on creating new empowering beliefs can be as much of a breakthrough as identifying an obstacle that paralyses action taken and prevents the goal from being reached.

What is employee performance coaching?

What employees do and how they do it, on a daily basis, needs to be examined as step 1. And step 2 is to improve employee performance through coaching. Improving employee performance through coaching also means that the vision, goals and milestones are reached sooner. It saves substantial time and budget. The question how can coaching improve job performance is valid. Looking at the coaching process in performance management reveals a proven sequence of questions to clarify goals, problems and their root causes, options to resolve them and a specific way forward to reach the target.

What is coaching for peak employee performance?

Coaching employees to improve performance as a company culture means that the manager sees herself as a coach, that asking is better than telling, that empowerment is more valuable than directing direct reports. Increasing the bottom line and shareholder value and at the same time motivating the workforce from within is the powerful combination that performance coaching can bring about.

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What is performance coaching in management?

The question what is the role of coaching in performance management can be answered this way:

  1. Establishing a set of observable behaviours that lead to peak performance, combined with
  2. a constructive feedback culture to keep it up and even improve, gives you the framework necessary to measure individual and team performance.

People know what is expected of them, how performance is measured and eventually how to create a high performance culture.

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What is high performance team coaching?

High performance coaching enables individuals and their teams to stand out, being recognized, due to their high performance compared to others. That does not mean the people involved are on the brink of collapse and burnout, or massively overstretched. A high performance team has stamina and endurance to perform at a high level over a longer period of time. This is best achieved when each team member can play to their strengths instead of having to compensate for their weaknesses.

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What is positive performance coaching?

“Strengthen your strengths” is the essence of positive performance coaching. Focusing on praise, positive feedback and a positive underlying attitude. Too often people feel they need to iron out their weaknesses. Yet research has shown that focusing on improving weaknesses is a tiring process for the coachee.

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What is peak performance coaching?

When you ask What is a peak performance coach? Our answer is simple yet profound. Here you develop individuals or teams to give their very best performance, and to do so on demand, at a certain date and time – a competition for example, when the pressure is high.. That means – once mastered – that “having a bad day” is no longer an option.

Why peak performers have coaches?

Behind every successful consistent performer is a stretching coach. Doing it all by yourself may be possible but very unlikely. When a lot is at stake, the coach support increases chances for success drastically. Pushing beyond limits, challenging beliefs on what’s possible, eliminating blind spots can be done by a coach in a way you could never do yourself.

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What is coaching for performance and development?

Coaching for development and performance can also play a vital role in clarifying job descriptions, which competencies are necessary to get the job done, and to understand the importance of individual contribution in the organisation much better.

Removing blind spots by exposing performance gaps is another vital effect of performance coaching. Once identified, the staff development process can be worked out and implemented.

Therefore it is a very practical “hands-on” approach. Examples of peak performance under pressure in sport or music often clarify the path to outstanding teamwork in the business arena. Success does not happen by accident. Success happens by design.

Which is why many leaders and organisations see performance coaching as essential to develop employees that are excited about their job, play on their strengths and achieve even more as a high performance team.

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What is sales performance coaching?

The sales performance coaching process looks at the improvement of sales processes as such and performance of the individuals within the sales process. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are vital:

What does not get measured does not get done…

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What is private performance coaching?

Confidentiality and privacy are key to successful coaching support. One to one coaching “behind closed doors” is different from coaching on the job, in the open, within a team. A team coaching culture means that peer to peer coaching kicks in, a powerful performance culture, that makes private coaching obsolete.

How much is private performance coaching

Typically private performance coaching prices range from C$ 500 to C$ 5,000 per hour.

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What is high performance life balance coaching

You cannot give what you don’t have. High performance is not a one off. That is peak performance. High performance is delivered over a longer period of time. And without life balance this is not possible. The perfect balance to support high performance involves regenerating, nutrition, sleep, a loving supportive relationship – to establish this balanced support and keep it going is an art and coaching can make it happen.

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What is high performance mindset coaching

Mindset or skillset – what matters more? Only one of the two will never get you to high performance. So you need both. However, when the best compete with the best, in any field or discipline, the 80/20 rule applies… 80% mindset, 20% skill set to win Gold. that is not to belittle skills, but the skills are only the entry ticket in the arena, or court 1 in Wimbledon, yet the strongest mindset gets you the trophy. The mind leads – the body follows. The gold medal is won “between your ears”. That’s why mindset coaching is a must when the goal is to outperform the best of the best.

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What is complete performance coaching?

Complete performance coaching adds a third component: the mindset, skillset and the heartset. Which means Emotional Intelligence comes into play. For a lot of people EI has only to do with empathy. But thats only a fraction of EI. There are 15 scales in EI you can develop, empathy is just one of those 5. High Self-regard, high regard for others, high self-awareness, high awareness of others stress tolerance, impulse control, positive outlook…just to name a few. If you don’t look at the complete picture, all 3 areas, the shortfall in performance is inevitable.

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What does coaching high performers distinguish from other coachings?

Coaching high performers starts at a high level to begin with. And the margins to win the trophy get smaller and smaller when then creme de la creme enters the arena. Sometimes a new strategy becomes the game changer, other times the strongest resilience and stamina wins the race. Stakes are high, pressure is high, reward and fame is huge, but there is inly one winner. How many bronce medalists do you remember? They dont make it even to the headlines. Is this fair? No one said it would be. So there can only be one goal: going for “gold”.

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What is a strengths performance coach

Strengthening strengths versus developing weaknesses. Both could be seen as a valid road to success. Yet a high performance over a longer period of time can only happen when the team players are in a role that enables them to play on their strengths – as only this is energizing and exciting to do. Being already one of the best in class – yet raising the bar. This requires energy , persistence and massive action to improve skills on the highest level, which you are only prepared to invest if you enjoy what you do.

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What is a strength and conditioning performance coach?

Strength and conditioning coaching analysis and develops the physical performance of an athlete or professional in any field. The goal is to improve performance in competitions, under high pressure and on demand. here the Key Performance Indicators shift also to physical strength, aerobic conditioning on top of mindset change related to resilience, impulse control and focus – amongst others that are identified in the coaching process.

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In which format is performance coaching being delivered?

One to one coaching

Intense, no one can hide. Here we have pull coaching and push coaching. Pull coaching pulls out what is within the coachee. Pure pull coaching means there is no “telling” from the coach, no advising elements. Only open questions and a creative flow of new ideas or confirming the path the coachee is on. Push coaching reveals development areas and gives advice how to improve. A mixture of open questions combined with telling (to a certain extent).

Often coaching it is a mixture of both – especially in the setting of high performance coaching courses, pull & push, yet pull coaching creates more ownership of the self improvement process within the coachee.


Consulting is the opposite: the consultant comes, analyzes, understands and then advises based on her knowledge and expertise, in collaboration with the client. Its telling, but only after thorough analysis.


Mentoring is a bridge between coaching and consulting. The mentor has crossed those paths before and guides by asking better questions, often guiding questions, yet the choice of what to do or not stays with the mentee, not the mentor.


Training can be seen as telling. In an performance coach training the trainer has the knowledge and knows what and how to deliver the lessons so that the learner “gets it”. This is telling, and here the trainer knows in advance what she delivers as training content and exercises to practise.

This can be done one to one or one to many. One to one coaching, team coaching, a private client group for a consulting session.

Large audience coaching

Even challenging a large audience with open pull coaching questions means that every member of the audience at the same time gets personal insights by answering the open questions in their own head. Or demonstrating in front of a large audience how a powerful one to one coaching session can change a person for the better within minutes due to a powerful paradigm shift.

You can also combine the various performance coaching scenarios described above. These coaching techniques to improve performance need to be carefully selected and applied, no coaching process is like another.

Who are the top performance coaches in the world?

Tony Robbins and Roger Lannoy are among the top high performance coaches in the world.

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What is sales coaching?

Sales Coaching concentrates on the most valuable activity leading to turnover, margin, profits, cashflow. Which is why the ROI on sales coaching done well is multiple, and there are plants of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to choose from to measure the impact of sales coaching.

You can take these KPIs also as an overall measure of how well a company is doing in its field, or how the industry is doing as a whole. Large corporations and their Chief Sales Officers (CSO) believe and invest in Sales Coaching.

Professional Sales Coaching targets two levels:

  1. the sales managers and
  2. their sales teams.

How to lead sales teams and how to improve sales calls:

The critical success factor that can and needs to be developed is Emotional Intelligence (EI) in sales. All of this is more important than ever…as the quality of products and services is often very similar – highly advanced – amongst competitors. So what is one of the most important differentiators in sales – it’s the human element and that’s why sales coaching focusing on EI leads to sales growth.

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What is career coaching?

Career coaching is vital as crucial key decisions need to be taken, but who is a neutral unbiased sounding board? The Career Coach is. Defining career goals, clarifying personal changes necessary to support the career goals. Is it just another “job” or is it a “calling”? How can Work Life balance be established in spite of high pressure and workload that come with career changes.

A special area of a career coach is supporting clients through their career transitions which can be a challenging journey. Starting with preparation for the interviews to get the new promotion, preparing for the new role, managing a clean and complete handover so that the coachee does not end up being stuck in 2 jobs at the same time – for months.

Because the career coach is deeply involved in life changing decision making he/she plays a vital role in the success of the coachee – yet the responsibility for any decisions taken lies with the coachee.

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What is spiritual coaching?

Firstly this is not a very often used term, for some it might even be confusing. A better term is Spiritual Healing. This embraces the thought that we are divine. That there is a purpose in life. Also the concept of incarnation and multidimensional realities plays a role. It explores the role of spirit and soul, beyond space and time. Some call it ‘mindfulness’ whilst others call that an unfortunate term as the opposite is vital in spiritual healing: stop thinking, start receiving, through…

The Law of Pure Potentiality.

The source of all creation is pure consciousness.

The Law of Giving.

The universe operates through dynamic exchange.

The Law of “Karma”

or Cause and Effect.

The Law of Least Effort

The Law of Intention and Desire

The Law of Detachment

The Law of “Dharma” or Purpose in Life

Methods like meditation, transgenerational healing practices, constellations are widely used. Enlightened human beings would not call themself ‘healers’ as they just ‘facilitate’ allowing the divine to come through.

What is financial coaching

Think like a rich and become one and taste the life of a master of abundance. Financial coaching is all about the creation of financial freedom. A personal financial coaching program blends tailored asset management strategies and developing and maintaining a positive money mindset. Financial life coaching services show the coachee how to design his / her Prosperity Plan to accommodate major life scenarios and changes. A financial coach helps budget structuring, building a financial plan, facilitating attainment of economic plans, overcoming any struggle to attain specific financial goals, restructuring and reducing debt, reducing spending, developing saving habits, and developing fiscal discipline and aspirations and being accountable throughout the process. Often financial coachees have deep-seated emotions around money. Financial coaches help their clients to identify, understand and breakthrough those limitations. The best financial coaching programs educate the coachee of money management matters. Once the coachee reaches the expert level – he / she may not need a financial coach, but until then a financial coach is crucial.

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What is health and wellness coaching?

Health and well being is the ultimate asset we have. Losing your health and wellness, and everything else starts falling apart. That’s why health and wellness coaching is adding tremendous value. Formulating specific goals for health improvement, like raising energy levels, improved stress management, building a positive mindset and looking at health more holistically. Wellness Coaches enable their clients to listen more to their body, mind and soul.

What is feeding your healthy energy and what is draining you. And how you become the master of your condition. With stress levels rising, due to disruptive global changes and being online 24/7, health and wellness coaching becomes more important than ever before.

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What is NLP life coaching?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Which is a term that turns many people off. We don’t want to be programmed, manipulated or manipulate anybody. Yet, it is better to be able to programm yourself than to be programmed by others. NLP life coaching enables you to understand and use fundamental drivers of human behaviour to get done in your life what needs to get done.

What is a NLP coach?

NLP Coach is a certified expert on Neuro Linguistic Programming. He or she can teach how to master this skill.

What is NLP coaching

NLP coaching kicks you into taking action.


Everything we do boils down to a simple choice between two drivers:

And – we do more to avoid pain than we do to gain pleasure.

If someone need to get certain things done, but the coachee is stuck and does not do them, NLP coaching can get the coachee unstuck.

The coachee does not act

So now the coachee needs to flick the switch: The coachee needs to come to a point where he / she

And now the coachee kicks into action.

What does an NLP coach do?

A NLP coach enables the coachee to get the job done.

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What is personal development coaching?

Personal development coaching is focusing on the three vital areas a person can and should develop – ongoing: the Mindset, Skillset and “Heartset”.

The most important areas in Mindset are:

Here the coach works with the client to improve the ‘inner game’.

The most important areas in Skillset are:

Here the coach works with the client to improve the ‘outer game’.

The most important areas in Heartset are:

Here the coach works with the client to get to a higher frequency

The goal of personal development coaching is to unlock the full potential of the coachee.

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What is anxiety coaching?

Anxiety Coaching enables the coachee to understand what triggers his her anxiety, how to calm down when it does, and puts him / her in the driver seat again, so the coachee learns how to let it go. Fear of the unknown is one of the deepest rooted fears within us. Anxiety is triggered by fear. Fear can also stand for False Evidence Appearing Real. An anxiety coach empowers the coachee to look at that “evidence” and get a more balanced view. Instead of being immobilised by anxiety the coachee allows him- / herself to move on again. An anxiety coach also can enable you to ‘sit’ with that fear so that it dissolves.

Anxiety can take several shapes:

Anxiety coaches support you to tackle these, aiming to achieve it without medication.

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What is relationship coaching?

Relationships can be private or business. In any business you can find separate or combined process roles. One of the major challenges were the roles are segregated is clienting. The client does not want to be repeating him- / herself to various staff members to get the issue solved. Normally customers only tolerate the number of how many people they need to talk to just to get a single information about their demand or inquiry. Therefore companies typically employ relationship managers who optimize the value of service delivery for the client to ensure ongoing client satisfaction and loyalty. Relationship coaching means improvement of your or your company’s communication with anybody. Relationship coaching is geard towards an enhancement in driving value and satisfying purpose while building strong partnerships by deployment of philosophy, authenticity, integrity, capability, discipline, and culture.As a result of relationship coaching people design, switch, modify, or improve their interactions with others.The environment can be business, personal, or other settings.

The Underlying Problems Of A Scarcity Mindset

Scarcity means not to have in abundance or the shortness of the human or capital resources. The scarcity mindset can be simply understood in the people who are reluctant to grow, as they fear not having enough resources or labor. Their fear revolves around the idea that the total sum of resources is not enough for everyone to live a prosperous life.

It is a menace to have a scarcity mindset. It often intends people to buy those things which are not even required. It also helps in inducing fear of missing out, resultantly failing to utilize the already present resources rather than seeing the things pessimistically. The underlying ground of a scarcity mindset relies on fear which is simply trouble for the sustainability and health of a business or arrangement. Lastly, this mindset never allows having a mental state where you could feel devoid of struggle.

How to find inner strength and peace

Gratefulness Increases Your Level Of Happiness

You will keep on getting more in life if you are thankful for whatever you have. You might find yourself struggling if you kept searching for things that you do not have in life. Gratefulness will never let you feel sad or fearful. To enhance one's general well-being, the most widely recommended thing is practicing gratitude. In 2007, a psychology professor named Robert Emmons from the University of California, in Davis, who is also the co-editor-in-chief of The Journal of Positive Psychology, initiated research on gratitude and concluded that being grateful in life significantly improves physical and mental health. Gratitude also impacts our level of happiness, and it has lost-lasting impacts on our life. You can begin by writing down five aspects that you are grateful for in your life. Or, for more effective results, develop a gratitude journal for yourself. Do not forget to write the minor things you might ignore, such as the fresh air you breathe in or the excellent education you have.

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How to eliminate limiting beliefs

How To Choose The Environment Of Abundance

Tony Robbins once said, "The achievements in one's life are mostly a reflection of the associated expectation of their friends." Question yourself whether your peer group aspires and motivates you? If the reply is no, you should be changing your company.

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How to find inner strength and peace

How To Get Rid Of The Scarce Mentality

A scarce mentality tends to believe that life is a win-loss situation. To counter this behavior, try developing a win-win mentality. Try discovering ways by which all participants feel content and satisfied with the relationship. Practice this behavior not only in your personal life but also in your professional life. This behavior includes first hearing the other person's unbiased and without any judgments, conceptualizing what a win-win could be for all, and then finding the solutions that make everyone happy.

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How to improve communication skills

How To See Change Positively

The abundant mentality helps to realize that life is all about change. So, the individual happily accepts change in life, realizing that change modifies our perspective of life and gives us the strength to deal with challenges and difficulties.

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How to find self fulfillment

Try The Abundant Mentality To Get The Best Version Of Your Personality

Though many things in life have a limited scope, such as our economic condition or the location of our home, many are not. The abundance mentality helps in practically altering our thinking pattern. Due to its magnetic effects, it incorporates healthy thinking in us. This psychology then motivates us to act positively to get the things we want. We feel content knowing that opportunities are not scarce and encourage us to do our best. This mentality also boosts our confidence in others' success and makes us realize that we can make joint efforts to achieve our objectives. We cannot achieve everything in life by going solo; that is why we need to have a good network of relationships. We then start to enjoy not only our success but also of others, as we no longer consider others as our competitors. It makes us content for the things we have in our life and erodes negative thinking from us. For optimal personal growth, acquiring the feeling of hope and opportunity is mandatory.

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How to improve your business skills

How To Choose The Environment Of Abundance

Tony Robbins once said, "The achievements in one's life are mostly a reflection of the associated expectation of their friends." Question yourself whether your peer group aspires and motivates you? If the reply is no, you should be changing your company.

how to change a limiting belief

How to improve your business skills

The Underlying Problems Of A Scarcity Mindset

Scarcity means not to have in abundance or the shortness of the human or capital resources. The scarcity mindset can be simply understood in the people who are reluctant to grow, as they fear not having enough resources or labor. Their fear revolves around the idea that the total sum of resources is not enough for everyone to live a prosperous life.

It is a menace to have a scarcity mindset. It often intends people to buy those things which are not even required. It also helps in inducing fear of missing out, resultantly failing to utilize the already present resources rather than seeing the things pessimistically. The underlying ground of a scarcity mindset relies on fear which is simply trouble for the sustainability and health of a business or arrangement. Lastly, this mindset never allows having a mental state where you could feel devoid of struggle.

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How to eliminate limiting beliefs

How To Avoid The Menace Resulting From Contracted Awareness

The easiest way to avoid the problems due to contracted awareness is by zooming out of what you are doing. A study at Harvard revealed that the engrossment you have in the contracted awareness disables you to notice, let alone engage, with the happenings of the surroundings. So, it becomes essential in order to expand the horizon.

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How to get back in shape

The Abilities Of An Abundance Mindset

Abundance literally means to have in large quantity. The abundance mentality refers to the idea that everyone around has sufficient enough to grow. The avenues are enough for all to grow more and prosper in their niches. Also, it helps put people in a position where they have the ability to choose among several different choices.

A study by Harvard asserts that the functioning of the human brain is as such that if it is made to focus entirely on one thing, the chance of getting distracted by other possibilities gets minimum. It happens so because the algorithm by which the brain processes is never given any such command where it could think of, 'I won't be able to do it,' rather it shifts all its energy on doing the said job. Inquire yourself with the questions like, if you have all the resources, capital, and time, and minimum chances of failure, what would you be doing with it? It would help you explore the horizons of the brain, which you might never have imagined.

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What are the habits of the super rich

Feel The Power Of Affirmation After Doing Your Work Correctly

The research named 'Speak Daily Abundance Affirmations' conducted by the Carnegie Mellon University concluded that the frequent application of positive affirmations could enhance your ability to solve problems and decrease depression symptoms. This behavior magically changes your psychology from scarceness to abundance.

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